Social media SEO

Social media SEO

It is important not to ignore your social media presence when it comes SEO. However, you should be aware that your social media marketing campaign does not directly reflect upon your website’s SEO. This means that the amount of social media engagements that you get do not affect your Google ranking. This is because according to Google, social media sites send an incomplete signal. Furthermore, it is difficult to ascertain the authority of anything on social media because the account user can easily hide behind a cloak of anonymity.

To make the long story short, any backlinks you create via social media do not pass on the authority of the actual social media site from which the link came from such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

However, Social Media marketing is still an indispensable tool in branding. If a particular brand gets a lot of positive mentions from real people via social media, then Google does take notice of this in determining your page rank.

Kekala Media can automate this process for you. Our social media campaigns are individually customized to suit the particular needs of each client’s business.